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Covid-19 Update - Booking Online Appointments

Published on 9th Jan 2021

In adherence to the latest government policy on Covid-19, Pan Immigration will offer online appointments only until further notice. Please contact us to book an appointment by call 01413703453; 07984908598; email:; WeChat: Glasgowpan; or submitting an enquiry through our website.

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Case Studies

EU-Settlement Scheme Application

In a case that Crystal worked on as a caseworker in another solicitor firm, a client approached Crystal for advice in relation to an application under EU-Settlement Scheme. The client is a non-EEA national without legal status in the UK. His girlfriend has obtained Settled status under the EU-Settlement Scheme. He wanted our help to regularise his status.

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Family Visit Visa Application

Our client approached Pan Immigration for advice in relation to an application for visit visa for herself and her elder father. The client is a Chinese national from Fujian Province. She wished to accompany her father to visit her little sister who is settled with her young children and husband in Glasgow.

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zhaoliang liu
7 months ago

Crystal Balish(Pan Immigration)is highly recommended for her professionalism,patience and efficiency.Thanks to her targeted advance work,the visa application was approved two days after it was submited.Super praise.

joseph ebbatson
8 months ago

It’s a big task to apply for a visa, getting all the necessary information and even then it’s still uncertain whether your application will be successful. This company provides a personal approach, the agent was kind and motivated, highly knowledgable and always prepared. She was confident in her approach which put my worries aside and in the end I applied and was successful in getting my girlfriends sponsored visa. There were no complications and the visa arrived within just a few days. I can only imagine the difficulty I would have gone through without her help. Thank you.

Xu Chen
8 months ago

Excellent and very professional service!

qiu zhijian
8 months ago

This user only left a rating

Strathpeffer Hotel
8 months ago

This cooperation with Mrs. Pan was initially disturbed by the slow progress of our hotel acquisition. However Mrs. Pan patiently guided and provided valuable legal advice from beginning to end. She guided us to submit the application when the time was right, and obtained the sponsorship license in just 6 weeks after the submission. She is a professional and trusted Legal Advisor.

Jessy Warla
10 months ago

Really helpful and kindly staff

Adriana Katerina
10 months ago

The service I received from Pan Immigration went above and beyond what I expected. Immigration matters are stressful and Crystal took all my worries away. She handled everything quickly and professionally. She was always available for questions or concerns and was straight forward with her answers. Crystal is very approachable and I truly felt looked after. I recommend Pan Immigration time and time again. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me

Qing Huang
10 months ago

(Original) 认真,负责,专业,无时无刻都在帮助我们解决各种难题,她对待顾客都是像对待朋友一样,比我们还着急去尽快解决难题,我很庆幸能够认识这么好的姐。依稀记得第一次批身份潘律师给我发信息,恭喜你身份批下来,一路慢慢走来,等到为小孩申请入籍,申请护照...,每一步下来。中间遇到了难题,让我非常着急,潘律师都会第一时间帮助我去解决,怎么填表格......我强烈推荐大家相信潘律师专业是值的,五星推荐!

(Translation) Serious, responsible, and professional. Mrs Pan is always helping us to resolve problems. She treats clients like friends and is more anxious than us to solve problems as soon as possible. I am very glad to know such a good sister. I vaguely remember that solicitor Pan sent me a message the first time when my visa application was approved, congratulations on your status being approved. Over the years I have applied for naturalization for my child and for a British passport... every step of the way when I encountered a problem, which made me very anxious, solicitor Pan will help me solve it as soon as possible. I.e., how to fill in the application form... I strongly recommend Mrs Pan to everyone, her professionalism is invaluable, five-star recommendation!

Ambarka Dadsi
55 about one year ago

You are very nice to deal with thnkyou so much

Yao Huang
59 about one year ago

Ms Pan was very helpful, efficient and thorough! Helped me through the whole process! I got my CoS in just one day! Thank her so much.

Huan Wang
59 about one year ago

Very professional and patient! Recommend to everyone!

ning fu
60 about one year ago

Crystal Pan is a professional and patient lawyer helping me apply for a dependent visa efficiently. The documents that she asked for helped us get the Visa faster. Finally, I got my son’s Visa in only one month without a Priority Service. Thank you a lot! Absolutely, I will recommend Pan Immigration to all of you who need to seek professional immigration advice.

Sabrina Li
60 about one year ago

(Original) 因为疫情我的英国绿卡出现了问题,经过朋友介绍认识了潘律师,第一次和她沟通感觉非常好,她耐心专业地为我们分析移民政策和我的case,我的先生虽然是爱丁堡大学法律专业毕业,但是认为移民局的政策比较复杂和多变,移民问题还是需要专业的律师来帮忙,于是我们决定委托潘律师,经过两次线上沟通,潘律师搜集和整理了我的资料,在1周左右向移民局递交了申请,10天内就得到了移民局的回复,顺利地拿到了签证! 潘律师做事认真细心,专业,有耐心,是一个非常值得信赖和委托的美女律师!非常开心马上要回到英国!也期待有机会能够线下与潘律师见面!

(Translation) Due to the pandemic, I had a problem with my status. I met solicitor Pan through a friend’s introduction. She made a great first impression. She patiently and professionally analysed the immigration policy and my case for us. Despite my husband being a law graduate from the University of Edinburgh, he thought that immigration law was complicated and mutable. Immigration issues required the help of a professional lawyer, so we entrusted solicitor Pan. After two online communications, solicitor Pan collected and sorted out my information. I submitted the application to the Home Office in about 1 week, got a reply from the Home Office within 10 days, and successfully got the visa! Solicitor Pan is serious, careful, professional, and patient. She is a very trustworthy and beautiful lawyer! I’m very happy to be back in the UK soon! I also look forward to having the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Pan in person!

N Mwage
62 about one year ago

Words Cannot Express how grateful myself and partner for choosing Pan Immigration especially Crystal for taking our case for Spouse Visa which resulted in receiving the best news being granted.

We both Thank you for all the work put together and diligence in preparing the visa application and updating Us with the progress of the case. Crystal is very helpful and knowledgeable in her work; who's with you every step of the way. Her professionalism and speed with correspondence through emails gave Us a great peace of mind of knowing we chose a good firm to deal with work at task. Her Guidance made the whole process manageable and Gave Us hope and Confidence in our Application. We Wholeheartedly Thank you again for all the hard work you did for Us as we know This Journey would not have come true if it weren't for your services; as a whole were very pleased with the high quality of services provided and consistency put in. We Recommend your services to everyone interested in getting their visa case the right way.

Huajuan Yu
65 about one year ago

(Original) 感恩碰到专业,认真,对职业敬畏的潘小姐.从听闻10年永居申请在4月12号要被废除的时候,第一时间就咨询了潘小姐,在怀有一堆疑问的情况下,潘小姐很耐心的给我分析我有没有达到拿去申请的条件,接着我们马上就开始了申请所需的材料紧接着潘小姐就展开了她的专业性工作,一些小细节都可以看出她是真的很用心很负责任的对待,并且用专业的角度去给你分析每一个问题与可能会发生的问题.4月1号递交了申请,潘小姐在第一时间帮我约到了4月20号早晨8点多的指纹预约,中午12点就收到成功获批的消息。很庆幸很开心遇到这样负责任的好律师。

(Translation) I am grateful to have met Ms. Pan who is so dedicated to her profession. When I heard that the 10-year permanent residence application will be abolished on April 12, I immediately consulted Ms. Pan. I approached her with a lot of doubts and questions, Ms. Pan patiently analysed whether I met the requirements for the application, and then we immediately started the application and began gathering required evidence. From the smallest details, it is clear that Ms. Pan is responsible and attentive to each detail. She will analyse every actual and potential problems for you from a professional perspective. I submitted the application on 1 April, and Ms. Pan helped me to get the earliest appointment available. I attended a fingerprint appointment at 8am on the 20th, and received the news of successful approval at 12 noon. I am very glad to have met such a responsible and good lawyer.

Qiaoming Lin
66 about one year ago

(Original) 潘小姐的办事能力强效率高,绝对物有所值,选她肯定是没错的

(Translation) Ms. Pan is very capable and efficient, and she is definitely worth the money. It is definitely right to choose her

Mew khun Wong
66 about one year ago

(Original) 潘小姐是一个即细心又有耐心的人.过程她会很认真的一一跟你讲解我们做永居所需的资料.最后还会跟你一再确认你的问题.!

(Translation) Ms. Pan is a meticulous and patient person. During the process, she explained step-by-step about what we needed for permanent residence application. At the end, she will double check answers to your questions again and again.!

Jiani Huang
66 about one year ago

This is by far the most reliable agency I worked with :) Pan is so professional and efficient, she worked extra hours on holiday to help me get my visa. The whole process took only 1 working day. I am so impressed. Will definitely recommend!!

mei li
75 about one year ago

(Original) 去年10月份第一次跟潘小姐见面,咨询了关于申请永居的细节,潘小姐当时就确定了我这种情况是符合申请的。从着手整理资料到提交申请,潘小姐安排了两次的视频,其中不厌其烦的反复核对申请表上所填的资料是准确无误的。1月10号提交申请表,2月9号早上10:30按指纹,下午4点就收到潘小姐带来好消息,永居批了! 再次感谢潘小姐,你永远不止这五颗星,你值得更多。

(Translation) I met with Ms. Pan for the first time in October last year and consulted about the details of applying for permanent residence. Ms. Pan confirmed that my situation was suitable for the application. From sorting out the evidence to submitting the application, Ms. Pan arranged two video calls, during which she took the trouble to repeatedly check that the information on the application form was correct. We submitted the application on January 10th, I had my biometric appointment at 10:30 am on February 9th, and received good news from Ms. Pan at 4:00 pm that same day – my permanent residence has been approved! Thank you again Ms. Pan, you are worth so much more than these five stars can convey.

78 about one year ago

(Original) 赶上了Home Office办签证的麻烦事,正好又赶上我身体不适,急得我真是一筹莫展,幸亏朋友介绍了潘律师,潘律师耐心的专业的帮助我们在英国申请签证,免去了我们回国办签证隔离以及奔波劳累之苦,终于今天收到了BRP卡,真是非常感谢潘律师的帮助!!

(Translation) I was caught up in some troubles with the Home Office during the visa application process, and at the same time I was not feeling well. I was so anxious and felt helpless. Fortunately, my friend introduced me to solicitor Pan, who patiently and professionally helped us to apply for a visa from within the UK, thus saving us from a trip to China and all the hassle of quarantine. I finally received the BRP card today, and I am very grateful to solicitor Pan for her help! !

Zoey ee
78 about one year ago

(Original) 潘律师非常专业和负责,是一位值得推荐的好律师。签证申请过程前期,她多次帮助我审核所有需要的文件,确保没有任何遗漏,她负责任的态度让人放心。在她的帮助下,我只用了一天就顺利拿到签证,非常非常感谢她。拿到签证后,她也多次与我联系,详细叮嘱所有注意事项,为我未来的签证申请做准备。五星推荐

(Translated by Google) Solicitor Pan is very professional and responsible, and is a good lawyer worth recommending. In the early stage of the visa application process, she helped me review all the required documents many times to ensure that nothing was missed. Her responsible attitude is reassuring. With her help, I successfully got the visa in just one day, and I am very, very grateful to her. After getting the visa, she also contacted me many times, and told me all the precautions in detail to prepare for my future visa application. Five-star recommendation

Xiaoling Lin
78 about one year ago

(Original) 今天我收到申请我女儿家庭团聚的批文,非常的开心。 很感谢潘律师的专业和耐心指导。第一次申请就成功了,从一开始的免费咨询到成功审批只用了4个月神一般的速度。她简直就是移民律师的灯塔。有任何关于移民问题请找潘律师,她的专业术扬绝对值得信赖!!! 再次感谢, 2023/01/19.

(Translation) Today I received the visa for my daughter's union with our family, and I am very happy. I am very grateful for solicitor Pan's professionalism and patient guidance. We succeeded at our first attempt. From the initial free consultation to the successful visa approval, it only took 4 short months. Mrs Pan is a beacon amongst many immigration solicitors. For any questions related to immigration, please contact solicitor Pan. Her professionalism and skills are absolutely trustworthy!!! Thanks again, 2023/01/19.

80 about one year ago

(Original) 感谢潘律师的帮忙,她办事态度认真严谨,并根据个人情况给予专业意见,办事效率高,签证很快办理下来。极力推荐!!!

(Translation) Thanks to solicitor Pan for her help. She has a serious and rigorous attitude in handling her business, and gives professional advice according to personal circumstances. Her is highly efficient and my visa was granted quickly. Highly recommend! ! !

Liliana Cure
82 about one year ago

(Original) Estoy muy feliz porque gracias a crystal tengo mi residencia ella es una muy buena persona y me ayudó en todo no tuve ningún inconveniente y fue muy atenta al momento de los detalles para mi residencia

(Translated by Google) I am very happy because thanks to crystal I have my residence she is a very good person and she helped me in everything I had no problem and she was very attentive to the details for my residence

yanyan zhao
84 about one year ago

(Original) 这是第二次和潘律师合作了,潘律师职业素养很高,业务精湛,服务周到,给客户讲解法律条款很清晰,逻辑性强,值得信赖。

(Translation ) This is the second time I have cooperated with solicitor Pan. She is highly professional, has great knowledge in the immigration field, and is considerate in her advice to clients. Mrs Pan explains the legal terms to clients clearly and logically. Solicitor Pan is trustworthy and can be relied upon.

Zizhen Feng
86 about one year ago

I will definitely give five stars to Lawyer Pan, she helped me a lot while applying my skilled worker visa. She is very patient and very helpful with my questions, with her professional knowledge and sufficient experience I received my BRP card successfully. I will also recommend Mrs Pan to all my friends, thank you again for your passionate help!

86 about one year ago

(Original) 2014年就和潘小姐认识,从那开始到现在就给予我很多的帮助,她的专业和办事态度毋庸置疑,所以当我需要找一个专业律师帮我申请永居脑海里第一个就想到了找潘小姐。在递交材料的过程中多次核实交涉,最后也很顺利的拿到我的永居申请。真的非常感谢她让我的移民之路顺利的画上句号,我强烈推荐大家有什么需要帮助的就找格拉斯哥潘小姐。

(Translation) I met Ms. Pan in 2014, and she has given me a lot of help since then. Her professionalism and attitude handling business are unquestionable, so when I need to find a professional lawyer to help me apply for permanent residence, it is the first person that comes to my mind: find Mrs Pan. During the process of submitting the materials, I verified and negotiated many times, and finally got my permanent residence status smoothly. I am really grateful to her for making my immigration journey come to an end smoothly. I strongly recommend that if you need any help, you can find Mrs. Pan in Glasgow.

Wei Jiang
89 about one year ago

Lawyer Pan is very professional and I benefited a lot from the free consultation she provided me.She was the one who showed me the way when I confused. Through her guidance, I believe I can stay in the UK permanently after two years. She is absolutely trustworthy!


José McLaussu
89 about one year ago

In the plethora of choices out there, look not any further, I highly recommend Pan Immigration services.

Thomas Yu
90 about one year ago

(Original) 早上十点去按的指纹. 下午2点就收到潘小姐的消息永居批出来了. 难以置信的快!!以为要等到星期一. 真的太幸运能遇到潘小姐这么好的律师. 来英国十几年就认识潘小姐十几年了,她真的给了我们非常多的帮助.从报难民到现在永居申请成功,每一次都是第一时间想到潘小姐. 不得不说Pan Immigration 潘小姐真的是一个非常负责而且又细心的好律师,值得信赖的移民律师,的确让我又放心又省心

(Translation) I went to get my fingerprints done at 10:00 in the morning. At 2:00 in the afternoon, I received news from Mrs Pan that my permanent residence was approved. Incredibly fast! ! I thought we would have to wait until Monday. I am really lucky to meet such a good solicitor as Mrs Pan. I have known Mrs Pan for more than ten years since I came to the UK, and she has really helped us a lot. From reporting as a refugee to the present, to the successful permanent residence application, I always think of Mrs Pan for help in the first instance. Mrs Pan of Pan Immigration is a very responsible and detailed solicitor. She is a reliable immigration solicitor, and helped put my mind at ease.

Xiaohong Chen
90 about one year ago

(Original) 早上,我先生终于收到他的BRP卡了。事情一波三折后,总算尘埃落定了。在这里非常感谢认真负责的潘小姐。 我们的案件比较特殊,罕见。在我们咨询阶段,潘小姐耐心倾听,专业分析并清晰明了地阐述将采取的处理方案。处理案件过程中,出现了很多意想不到的情况,潘小姐都及时同我们沟通并做出相应对策。一整个过程潘小姐都及时同我们交代,跟进案情进度。非常感谢!也祝福潘小姐的事业更上一层楼.

(Translation) In the morning, my husband finally received his BRP card. After twists and turns, the dust finally settled. Thank you very much for the serious and responsible Mrs Pan. Our case is special and rare. During our consultation phase, Mrs. Pan listened patiently, analyzed professionally, and explained clearly and clearly the solution to be taken. In the process of handling the case, there were many unexpected situations, Mrs. Pan communicated with us in time and made corresponding countermeasures. During the whole process, Mrs Pan explained to us in time and followed up the progress of the case. Thank you very much! I also wish for the great success of Mrs Pan's career.

zz xu
92 about one year ago

(Original) 一个关于我的英国签证的极限操作,在大概8月26号我的英国学生签证过期,那个时候学校的offer出了问题,我一直在和学校argue。但是签证问题还是得处理,经过熟人推荐,找到了潘小姐移民中心帮我处理我的签证问题,潘律师了解我的情况后不建议我申请EA签证,建议是申请FLR签证,因为这种签证审核时间够长,我能有足够时间等我的cas.当时好像是24号,距离签证过期只剩两天,潘律师也特别迅速帮我很快整理好了材料,帮我提交了FLR签证的申请。剩下的就是漫长的等待cas的过程,但是学校argue到最后,没有结果,还是不了了之了.当时内心的压力真的很大,一直到了9.20号我又收到了一个offer,我也是没想到9月份还能收到offer,于是我接受offer再次等待cas的过程。这个学校的cas审核不得不说真的很严格,我要先提交给学校cas form。但是form里没有说需要填写我有没有提交别的签证的信息,于是我正常填写了我的情况。第二天,学校回复我,大概意思是我的学生签证已经过期,我不能在英国续签,我只能回到国内重新提交。我当时觉得有点慌张,因为疫情状况也非常不好。不想来回折腾。还好潘律师帮我写了一封邮件向学校解释了我的情况。就在那天下午学校的cas部门找了一个人,通过电话联系我。那个人也是一个中国人,我用中文和她解释了我的情况,我也不知道她听懂没有,最后给我来了一句:这种情况还是得回国续签的。我当时真的很无语,我又解释一了一遍关于我的情况,最后那个人听了说其实她也不是很专业。我当时震惊了,为什么她一个cas部门的会有不专业的人出现呢。和潘律师沟通后她帮我给学校邮件留了她的联系方式,第二天我们都向这个人发了邮件,潘律师也帮我一直在联系这个人。但是那个人一直说懂了懂了。但是没有任何关于cas的回复。与此同时我之前FLR签证的提交已经进入审核,并且需要我开始预约视频的签证面试了!!这是我没想到的,没想到那么快就进入流程了。而且我觉得flr签证不大可能过签。这就是说我需要在10天之内拿到cas除了周末也就8天。学校cas部门一直没有回复,我也一直很愁这件事,在这段时间,潘律师帮我已经写好了coverletter,准备好了文件,只需要等待cas. 我这边也在思考这几日学校的沟通过程,我觉得那天和我电话沟通的人可能没有什么权利,说话不顶数。于是我直接再次和第一次沟通的人沟通我的情况。写了一封礼貌的邮件,大概就是说我已经提交了cas form和我的3c leave的证明,请问什么时候能给我cas. 这个人沟通效率明显特别高,第二天让我confirm我的3c leave. 在潘律师帮助下并且让我提交了3c leave的证明。当天下午就给了cas. (找对人很重要)。然后潘律师立刻帮我提交了签证,提交过程是全程视频的,我也能看到情况。潘律师也特别的耐心!!然后也会回答很多问题,其中有一个存款证明我发现我们没有准备,潘律师特地帮我找了关于存款证明的条款,找到中国是不需要提交证明的。只有可能抽查。于是潘律师给出了解决方案。并且决定提交24h 的申请,申请最后收费的费用收多了,潘律师也帮我发邮件和ukvi沟通。并且提醒我去挂失我的brp(因为之前弄丢了)。之后就是预约按指纹的时间约在了10.13。我带着我的预约信和护照去了线下。等的人很多,但是速度很快。等了15分钟就到我了。帮我办理的人也挺耐心。但是我很紧张!因为之前听说有人表现不好,给拒签了。工作人员看我资料看了一半突然说了一串英文,大概是问我有没有收到警察局的预约的取消邮件。我当时一紧张愣是没听懂police registration.工作人员很耐心解释一下,我大脑才反应过来。大概就是看我没有警察局预约,但是我有预约成功的信,但是现在预约已经取消了,我应该是会收到取消信的。然后一切都正常进行,按指纹,也失败了好几次,工作人员就教我怎么按,比如要四个食指合拢按,按的时候要轻,大拇指要放平,按要快一点(各种指法)。下一步就是拍照,大概我的发型的原因加上我个人耳朵就不是那种尖尖的精灵耳,就不是很明显。反复拍了几次,(很气没有带发夹和皮筋)。最后工作人员给了两张回单上面写了我没有预约取消信和拍照耳朵不明显。我出来的时候很紧张,怕会因为照片影响到。我也给潘律师看了回单,潘律师说问题不大。第二天就收到了成功的通知,7天会拿到brp!!!也没有抽查存款证明!真的很开心!还好有潘律师一直帮我处理签证!中间真的一波三折,还好有潘律师帮忙,成功解决了,心中的大石头终于落地!

(Translated by Google) A limit operation about my UK visa, my UK student visa expired on about August 26th. At that time, there was a problem with the school's offer. I have been arguing with the school. But the visa issue still has to be dealt with. After being recommended by an acquaintance, I found the Miss Pan Immigration Center to help me with my visa issue. Lawyer Pan did not recommend me to apply for an EA visa after understanding my situation. The suggestion is to apply for an FLR visa, because this kind of visa review The time is long enough, I can have enough time to wait for my cas. It seems to be the 24th, and there are only two days left before the visa expires. Attorney Pan also helped me quickly organize the materials and submit the FLR visa application for me. . The rest is the long process of waiting for the cas, but the school argument came to the end, there was no result, and it was nothing. At that time, the inner pressure was really great, until 9.20 I received another offer, which I didn't expect. I can still receive the offer in September, so I accept the offer and wait for the cas process again. The cas review of this school has to be said to be really strict, I have to submit it to the school cas form first. But the form did not say that I need to fill in the information about whether I have submitted other visas, so I filled in my situation normally. The next day, the school replied to me, which probably meant that my student visa had expired and I could not renew it in the UK, so I had to go back home and resubmit it. I felt a little flustered at the time, because the epidemic situation was also very bad. I don't want to go back and forth. Fortunately, Lawyer Pan helped me write an email explaining my situation to the school. Just that afternoon, the school's cas department found someone and contacted me by phone. That person was also a Chinese. I explained my situation to her in Chinese. I didn’t know if she understood or not. In the end, he gave me a sentence: In this case, I still have to go back to China to renew my visa. I was really speechless at the time, I explained my situation again, and finally the person heard that she was not very professional. I was shocked at the time, why would there be unprofessional people in her cas department. After communicating with Attorney Pan, she helped me to leave her contact information in the school email. We all sent emails to this person the next day, and Attorney Pan also helped me keep in touch with this person. But the man kept saying he understood. But there is no reply about cas. At the same time, my previous FLR visa submission has been reviewed, and I need to start making an appointment for a video visa interview! ! This is something I didn't expect, and I didn't expect to enter the process so quickly. And I don't think the flr visa is likely to be over-signed. This means that I need to get the cas within 10 days except weekends which are 8 days. The school's cas department has not responded, and I have been very worried about this matter. During this time, lawyer Pan has written the coverletter for me, prepared the documents, and just need to wait for the cas. I am also thinking about these days. In the communication process at the school, I felt that the person who communicated with me on the phone that day might not have any right to speak up. So I communicated my situation directly again to the person I communicated with for the first time. I wrote a polite email, which probably means that I have submitted the cas form and the certificate of my 3c leave. When can I give me cas. This person is obviously very efficient in communication, and he asked me to confirm my 3c the next day. leave. With the help of lawyer Pan, I submitted the certificate of 3c leave. I gave cas in the afternoon. (It is very important to find the right person). Then Lawyer Pan immediately helped me submit the visa. The whole process of submission was video, and I could see the situation. Attorney Pan is also very patient! ! Then I will answer a lot of questions. One of them is a certificate of deposit that I found that we did not prepare. Lawyer Pan specially helped me find the terms of the certificate of deposit. It is not necessary to submit a certificate to find China. Only possible spot checks. So Lawyer Pan came up with a solution. And I decided to submit a 24-hour application. The final fee for the application was overcharged. Attorney Pan also helped me communicate with ukvi by email. And remind me to report the loss of my brp (because I lost it before). After that, the appointment time for fingerprinting is about 10.13. I went offline with my appointment letter and passport. There were a lot of people waiting, but it was fast. Waited 15 minutes for me. The people who helped me were also very patient. But I'm nervous! Because I heard that some people did not behave well before, they were rejected. Halfway through my profile, the staff member suddenly said a string of English, probably asking if I had received an appointment cancellation email from the police station. I was so nervous that I didn't understand the police registration. The staff explained it patiently, and my brain reacted. Probably because I didn't have an appointment at the police station, but I have a successful appointment letter, but now the appointment has been cancelled, I should receive a cancellation letter. Then everything went on normally. I failed several times when I pressed my fingerprints. The staff taught me how to press. For example, I need to press my four index fingers together. ). The next step is to take pictures, probably because of my hairstyle and my personal ears are not the kind of pointy pixie ears, it's not very obvious. Repeated shooting several times, (very angry without hairpins and rubber bands). In the end, the staff gave two receipts that said I didn't make an appointment to cancel the letter and the ears were not obvious when taking pictures. I was very nervous when I came out, I was afraid it would be affected by the photos. I also showed the receipt to Lawyer Pan, and Lawyer Pan said it was not a big problem. I received a successful notification the next day, and I will get the brp in 7 days!!! There is no random check of the deposit certificate! Really happy! Fortunately, lawyer Pan has been helping me with the visa process! There were really twists and turns in the middle, but fortunately, with the help of lawyer Pan, it was successfully resolved, and the big stone in my heart finally fell!

Lulu Lun
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Five star! Pan is very patient and reliable. She started to give us opinions very early and offered us various updated plans in accordance with the new regulations and policies. With her rich experience, we managed to find the best plan and successfully extended our visas as we expected. A million thanks to Pan!

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Highly recommend Pan Immigration. I received very professional services from Crystal and the team. I applied for the 10 year settlement route and originally thought I wouldn't be able to get the status as I left the UK for 544 days within 10 years (with the Home Office restriction being 540 days). Crystal managed to argue a case for me and I successfully received the ILR status.

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(Original) 感谢潘小姐! 我老公的身份改出生地在之前的律师楼改了好多年都没改成功. 这次经潘小姐之手顺利改成功了.不得不说格拉斯哥Pan Immingration的潘小姐是一位非常专业的好律师. 这次能够这么顺利,那是因为我们遇到了一位有责任心,处事方面非常细心的潘小姐,才使这次地址改成功.真的很幸运认识潘小姐.

(Translation) Thank you Mrs Pan! My husband has tried for many years to change his birthplace on his BRP card through other law firms without success. This time, it was successfully amended with Mrs Pan's help. I have to say that Mrs Pan from Pan Immigration Glasgow is a very professional and excellent solicitor. This time, everything went smoothly because we were working with the highly responsible and attentive Mrs Pan, who made the birthplace change a success. I'm really lucky to know Mrs Pan.

Chen(Nikki) Liu
2 years ago

(Original) 潘律师非常专业,令人安心,填资料时会开zoom让客户一一检查,cover letter 写的非常详尽,非常非常推荐!

(Translation) Solicitor Pan is very professional and gives me great assurance. When filling in the online application form, she uses share screen on zoom to allow clients to check over every detail. The cover letter is very thorough as well. Highly highly recommend!

Na Yang
2 years ago

Crystal's immigration service is very attentive, Crystal's work is very rigorous and attentive, this is what we need, and she will send the latest immigration policy in time and can assist our HR department in all operations on the SMS system. I trust this company because they respond very promptly when I need assistance. Their service far outweighs their price and we really enjoyed working with this company!

2 years ago

Pan is very patient and efficient, and quickly helped me to apply for a visa. During this period, I asked Lawyer Pan for the details of my visa application many times. She always answered my questions patiently.And Pan's legal knowledge reserve is very comprehensive. She was able to find a solution quickly.

Angelina Savicka
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Excellent service, highly recommended from myself and my partner, very proffesional and result driven, have applied for visa of my husband and in very short time we have got it.

Xiaohong Huang
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(Original) 非常幸运能遇到一个专业,尽心尽力,负责,其细心的好律师,我老公这次的加急续签仅仅只用了15分钟,移民局就批了,我相信在格拉斯哥的小伙伴应该都认识我口中的这位律师就是pan Immigration 的潘小姐.我们相识十几年,即是顾客关系又是朋友,就是因为相识久我们彼此之间都有了默契,每次麻烦潘小姐帮忙办理案件都非常的顺利.由于潘小姐办理事情的细心各个方面都考虑到,才使得我们每次的合作都非常的顺利,再次感谢!

(Translation) Very lucky to meet a professional, dedicated, responsible, and attentive lawyer. My husband's super priority service renewal application took only 15 minutes and the Home Office approved it. I believe that my friends in Glasgow should all know that the lawyer I mentioned is Mrs Pan from Pan Immigration. We have known each other for more than ten years, our relationship is both that of a customer relationship and a friendship. It is because we have known each other for such a long time that we have a great rapport. Every time I trouble Mrs Pan to help with a case, it goes very smoothly. Due to Mrs Pan's careful handling of matters and being considerate of all aspects, each of our collaboration has been very smooth. Thank you again!

Catherine Deng
2 years ago

A very professional service and I would highly recommend Pan Immigration. Can not believe how fast, efficient and well-organised this firm was.Should I need such assistance in the future then this firm would be my first port of call. Thank you so much for all your help!

zhang johnny
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(Original) 来英近二十年,认识格拉斯哥潘小姐也有十几年了。我从一个单身小伙子,到现在为人夫,为人父,从没有合法身份到夫妻二人均获永居,儿子们也全都加入了英籍,每一步都得到了格拉斯哥潘小姐的帮助。这次十年永居申请,从按指纹到获批仅仅用了四个月时间。这和Pan Immigration 潘律师对我们全家人的移民背景情况了如指掌是密不可分的。有时候她甚至比我们自己更加了解我们的情况。由于内政部的延误,在我的之前的BRP卡到期前仍然没有收到我的个人档案。好在潘律师经手了我妻子和孩子们的申请,所以能够综合他们的资料,又快又准地为我填写了永居申请表格和律师陈述信。今天接到这个好消息也是意料之中的。一个值得信赖的移民律师,的确让人放心,省心。

(Translation) I have been in the UK for nearly 20 years, and I have known Mrs Pan for more than ten years. I went from being a single boy to being a husband and a father, from no legal status to both me and my wife being granted permanent residency, and all of our sons becoming British citizens, with the help of Mrs Pan every step of the way. This 10-year indefinite leave to remain application took only four months from the fingerprinting biometric appointment to being granted. This is inseparable from Pan Immigration solicitor Pan's intimate knowledge of our family's immigration background. Sometimes she even knows our situation better than we do ourselves. Due to delays from the Home Office, we did not receive my personal file prior to my previous BRP card's expiry date. Fortunately, solicitor Pan handled the applications of my wife and children, she was then able to amalgamate their information, and quickly and accurately fill out the permanent residence application form and the solicitor's cover letter for me. It was surprising to receive such great news today. Mrs Pan is a trustworthy immigration lawyer, working with her is highly reassuring and stress-free.

2 years ago

(Original) 给专业律师大大的(thumbs up),做事效率非常高,对工作的态度认真负责,每个细节都给分析的非常仔细

(Translation) To the professional solicitor, I give a big thumbs up. Mrs Pan is highly efficient, and she carries a serious and responsible attitude towards her work. Every detail of my case was analyzed very carefully.

andy chen
2 years ago

(Original) 很幸运在申请签证的时候遇到潘律师,非常专业非常认真的帮我准备材料,帮我一对一辅导签证.应付签证会碰到的问题,对我的问题会及时回复我.耐心帮我解答.很顺利没有碰到任何问题终于拿到签证.让我在英国可以合法居留,感谢潘律师!希望有需要帮助的人.都能在潘律师的帮助顺利拿到居留.真心感谢潘小姐.真的是个值得推介好律师楼

(Translation) I was fortunate to meet solicitor Pan when I applied for a visa. She was very professional and conscientious in helping me to prepare materials and with one-on-one counseling. Dealing with the questions encountered during the visa application process, Mrs Pan responded to my questions in a timely and patient manner. The visa application went well without any problems and I finally got the visa. Thanks to solicitor Pan, I can stay in the UK legally! I hope that anyone who requires assistance in getting a visa can do so with the help of solicitor Pan. I sincerely thank Mrs Pan. This is really a good law firm worth recommending.

Sayali B
2 years ago

Crystal was extremely helpful with helping us apply for our graduate route Visas. We were concerned about uploading evidences for our application and she has been extremely supportive. She has also answered our queries on weekends and to match our work routines, has sat with us to fill our applications on Saturdays, Sundays and after hours as well. Would definitely recommend her services for anybody seeking immigration advise or help.

2 years ago

(Original) 刚刚收到Crystal的邮件,居然一次递交,一周之内就成功获签。意料之外,因为我的case是比较棘手的。 但回想过去几十个日夜Crystal专业与认真的准备,又觉得情理之中了。 在海外打拼十几载,我深知办专业的事要找找专业的人的必要性。但是如何找到那个最专业的人,才是事情最难的部分。 在对比过三家华人机构和一家英国机构后,我最终决定请Crystal帮忙。让我做出这个决定,有两个原因。一是一位靠谱的朋友强烈推荐。二是在第一次免费咨询时。在听我讲述我复杂情况时,Crystal毫无保留的分析情况,并同时讲出自己初步的解决方案。她表现出对解决这个困难case的强烈的渴望,甚至超过我这个当事人本身。我想,只有对自己的职业有强烈的热爱与敬畏的人,才会如此行事。 果然我没有选错。 经过1次面谈,4次视频会议沟通,12次电话沟通,数十次文字沟通之后,我们递交了申请。并且在之后一周,拿到了申请成功的通知。 再次诚挚地感谢谢Pan Immigration

(Translation) I just received Crystal’s email. The visa was approved within one week on the first attempt. This is out of my expectation, as my case was particularly challenging; however, reflecting on Crystal’s professional and earnest preparation in the many days and nights leading up to the application, it then makes sense. Being overseas working for over 10 years, I know full well the importance of finding professional assistance for professional tasks. How to find the most competent professional is the most difficult part. After comparing between three Chinese organizations and one British one, I eventually decided to engage Crystal’s assistance. There were two factors to help me make this decision: 1. A trusted friend highly recommended Crystal to me; 2. During the initial free consultation, after hearing my complicated situation, without any reservation, Crystal shared her insights and her initial strategy on how to tackle the case. She showed a strong desire to solve this complex case, even more than I myself. I thought, only someone who has passion and respect for their job would conduct their business in this fashion. It turns out that I was right. After one in-person meeting, four video conferences, 12 phone calls, and numerous text communications later, we submitted the application. Within the next week, we received the message that the visa had been approved. Once again, my heartfelt thanks to Pan Immigration.

Dariusz Sipowski
2 years ago

Pan Immigration is great! I don't know what we would do without Crystal's help to get the Visa for my fiancee! We are soo thankful and happy because my fiancee is in UK finally! We tried different agencies before, but non of them were actually so interested and focused on our case as Pan Immigration. Crystal was always approachable, knowledgable and on the top of our case. Myself and my fiancee never felt left alone, even when the different Covid lockdowns and limitations were making more and more complications. Crystal was always there, even in the weekends or out of the hours to listen us, support and advice the best possible way of proceeding. Crystal is very honest and full of empathy, a great, professional lawyer who knows her stuff well, have a long experience, is very well organised and trustworthy! She will find the best legal ways to help you and she will always look well after you! She really cares about her clients! I am recommending Pan Immigration to anyone who needs immigration legal help!

Lin Li
2 years ago

Thanks to pan Immigration , my family’s three kids are all successfully British citizens, it seems that it’s less than a month. The three children applied together, and then the two children were approved first (I wonder if the Immigration has covered one of the children's cases). Ms. Pan always pays attention to me . The Pan Immigration wrote a letter today, after two days, the forgotten citizenship was approved immediately, and it was approved before Christmas. If there is any news, Miss Pan is the first to notify, and do the best to me . Me Pan is always so reassuring, very professional, very attentive, very serious and responsible.There is such the greatest lawyer in Glasgow , that it is really good lucky to me .

郑芷昕 / Yun
2 years ago

(Original) 衷心感谢格拉斯哥潘小姐和Katy 的帮助 让我丈在2021年12月22号收到配偶签证的BRP卡。在准备材料的过程中,我能感受到潘小姐和Katy的用心,填写的相关表格以及cover letter 等,她们都是逐句逐字反复思量,配合准备材料的过程是一种高效与信赖的满足!我们于11月9号按的指纹,申请的是24小时加速,第二天移民局就如我们预期一样将护照退回来,但身份卡却迟迟不来,在此期间潘小姐也是多方协助,可喜的是在12月22号,移民局把我丈夫今年最大的圣诞礼物(签证卡)送到家里。在此谢谢潘小姐和Katy的携手并肩,同时也祝愿她们及家人有一个平安喜乐的圣诞和新年。

(Translation) My heartfelt thanks to Mrs Pan and Katy for their assistance in my husband's spouse visa application. He received his BRP card on December 22, 2021. In the process of preparing the materials, I could feel Mrs Pan and Katy's diligence in preparing this application. When filling in the relevant forms and cover letters, etc., they pondered over every word, and the process of preparing the materials, for me, was very satisfactory as the communication was efficient and I could entrust them with the materials. My husband attended the biometric appointment on November 9th, and we applied for the 24-hour rush service. The next day the Home Office returned the passport to us as we expected, but the BRP card was delayed. During this time, Mrs Pan continued to assist us. The good news was that on December 22nd, the Home Office gave my husband the best Christmas present this year when his BRP card arrived at home. I'd like to thank Mrs Pan and Katy's joint effort, and I wish that their family will enjoy a peaceful and happy Christmas and New Year.

Vivian Chen
2 years ago

I want to thank Mrs Pan who helped me and supported me a lot while applying for the visa! I was frustrated when I was applying for the working visa and Mrs Pan had provided me with many ways of solutions. With her professional knowledge and experience, I received my working visa without problems and got it earlier than I expected! I highly recommend Mrs Pan and her service! Thank you again, Mrs Pan!!

2 years ago

(Original) 认识潘小姐十几年了,她是一位做事非常认真负责、服务态度非常棒的好律师。每次遇到困难,潘小姐都给我和家人提供非常专业的建议,从第一次拿到身份到最后拿到永居。真的很幸运遇到潘小姐!真心的感谢!

(Translation) I have known Mrs Pan for over ten years. She is a good lawyer who is very meticulous and responsible, with a great customer service attitude. Every time I encounter difficulties, Mrs Pan provides very professional advice to my family and I, from the our first visas to finally, our permanent residence. Really lucky to have met Mrs Pan! Thank you so much!

Gia Vosotros
2 years ago

Greatest birthday gift ever!!! because finally I got my visa. My fiancee and I are extremely happy and excited to see each other again. Thank you Crystal your the best

Junhua Liu
2 years ago

(Original) 特别幸运在申请工签的时候遇到潘律师,首先潘律师在我们公司申请工签资质的过程中发挥了极其重要的作用,帮助公司非常顺利的拿到了公司资质。之后在我个人的办理过程中,非常专业非常认真的帮我准备材料,特别是针对一些疑难问题总是能帮我完美解决,对我的问题总是非常及时的答复。潘律师帮我写的文书是那么专业那么仔细,给我的材料准备的非常充分,帮助我在一天之内就快速地拿到了工签,感谢潘律师!祝愿潘律师的工作生活越来越好,也相信我们公司会和潘律师会有更长久更紧密的合作,希望更多的人享受到潘律师的专业服务!

(Translation) I was particularly lucky to encounter solicitor Pan in the process of applying for a work visa. First of all, Mrs Pan has played a crucial rule in assisting our company's application for a sponsor licence and ensured that we were successful in getting the licence. Later, when it came to my personal work visa, Mrs Pan was very professional when she helped me to prepare for application materials. Especially for some difficult problems we encountered, Mrs Pan always assisted me to solve the issues perfectly. My questions were always answered in a very timely manner. From the cover letter solicitor Pan prepared for me, which was very professional and detailed, to gethering my application materials, she has helped me to get a positive work visa decision within a day, thank solicitor Pan! I wish Mrs Pan's professional life gets better and better, and I also believe that our company and Mrs Pan will have an enduring and closer cooperation. I hope more people can enjoy the professional services of Mrs Pan!

Kun Zhou
2 years ago

Today is Oct. 4, I do not think it is a lucky day for me because the number 4, however, I got the best news of today, my application under Tier 5 Government Authorized Exchange of Immigration Rules has been successful!!! Thanks Ms Crystal Pan for your professional preparation of materials, and for your passionate!!! Without your help and effort, I do not think I have the opportunity to work in UK during the difficult COVID time. You are the star, Ms Crystal Pan!!!

Ji Jennifer
2 years ago

(Original) 今年年初,因为英国分公司业务发展的需要,总公司启动了英国工作签证的办理工作。在选择合作律师的时候,我们非常谨慎,经过多次市场调查和深入了解沟通,最终选择潘律师。目前,我司相关人员已经成功的拿到了为期三年的英国工作签证,并于10月份抵达英国工厂开始工作。无论是从结果还是整个合作的过程看,都证明了我们当初选择潘律师作为合作伙伴是非常正确的。整个工作的过程可以用两个词来形容:专业和享受。潘律师的这份专业不仅只体现在业务知识上,更体现在专业的态度和客户服务上,她就像一本字典,随时耐心的帮助我们解答专业的问题。至于说享受,是因为本来以为会很枯燥的申请过程,因为合作伙伴的专业和敬业,让我觉得和这样的人一起工作,实在是件太美妙的事情!

(Translation) At the beginning of this year, due to the needs of the business development of the British branch, our head office started to process British work visas. When choosing a lawyer, we were very cautious. After many market surveys and in-depth research and communication, we finally chose Solicitor Pan. At present, the relevant personnel of our company have successfully obtained a three-year British work visa and arrived at the British factory in October to start work. Whether judging by the results or the entire process of our partnership, our decision to collaborate with Mrs. Pan has proven to be the correct decision. The whole process can be described in two words: professionalism and enjoyment. Mrs. Pan’s professionalism is not only reflected in her knowledge of immigration law, but also in her professional attitude and customer service. She is like a legal dictionary, patiently helping us answer professional questions at any time. As for enjoyment, my initial perception was that the application process would be a very tedious one; however, because of Mrs. Pan’s professionalism and dedication, I feel that working with such a person is really a wonderful thing!

teacher Sun
2 years ago

(Original) 今天喜获T5临时工作签证,给业务精湛的潘律师点赞!我的签证有效期为8月中旬,因疫情导致我回国办理签证之路非常艰难。2021年7月与潘律师接洽后,潘律师雷厉风行地根据我的案例制定出个性化方案,之后与我视频会议将每个环节一一解读说明并给予合理化建议。潘律师亲和耐心,其文案专业缜密。8月递签,9月6日参加采集指纹预约,9月20日获签。再次感谢温婉美丽的潘律师!

(Translation) Today I got a T5 temporary work visa, and I would like to give a thumbs up to the skilled solicitor Mrs Pan! My visa expiry date is mid-August. Due to the pandemic, it is very difficult for me to return to my country to apply for a visa. After contacting solicitor Mrs Pan in July 2021, she worked out a personalized plan based on my case vigorously, and then conducted video conferences with me to explain each step along the way and gave suitable suggestions. Solicitor Mrs Pan is friendly and patient, and her copywriting is professional and meticulous. My visa application was submitted in August, the biometric appointment was on September 6, and I was granted the visa on September 20. Thanks again to the gentle and beautiful solicitor Mrs Pan!

Li Lin
3 years ago

Good news as soon as I wake up in the morning. 10 years of permanent residence approval There is no lack of Miss Pan’s efforts, I think it is okay, she still has to go through the materials over and over again. Friends who have reached 10 years hurriedly made an appointment. The preparation of materials is very simple. If you don’t understand, you can consult. To choose a lawyer, you still have to choose the right one, choose the professional one.

ling lin
3 years ago

I have known Miss Crystal Pan for many years, without her help, i wouldnt be able to gain the right of abode in the United Kindom! Her professional attitude and her passionate towards her job has gained my highly respectful! I can strongly recomcomed her to whoever seeking for immigration advise !

yanyan zhao
3 years ago

(Original) 潘律师业务精湛,服务周到,给客户讲解法律条款很清晰,值得信赖。

(Translation) Mrs Pan provides fantastic customer service, explains the legal terms to clients clearly and is very trustworthy.

Ping Zhang
3 years ago

Crystal is such a professional, well-organised and efficient immigration lawyer. She helped me successfully get my T5 visa. Thanks to her help, I don’t need to travel for the clearance entry during the COVID-19 lockdown period. She was always keeping a close eye on the progress of my case, which makes me feel cared and relieved.

Chan Jack
3 years ago

(Original) 10年前就来到这个美丽的城市格拉斯哥,一直困扰着自己的难民身份通过朋友介绍认识到专业资深的移民律师潘小姐,通过她专业的知识和自己不懈努力的精神。终于拿到身份,两年半后的签证已过期再此找上专业的潘小姐,上个星期一也就是这个月的15号去移民局案指纹这个星期5就收到潘小姐的通知并告知续签以成功。而且今天是元宵节真的是双喜临门啊。在此我衷心的感谢潘小姐律师的帮助。谢谢您。如果没有谷歌说的5颗星限制。我一定给个10颗星。

(Translated by Google) I came to this beautiful city of Glasgow 10 years ago. I have been plaguing my refugee status through a friend's introduction to Ms. Pan, a professional and experienced immigration lawyer, through her professional knowledge and her unremitting spirit of hard work. I finally got my identity. After two and a half years, my visa has expired. Then I went to the professional Ms. Pan. Last Monday, the 15th of this month, I went to the Immigration Bureau for fingerprinting. I received Ms. Pan’s notice and informed on May 5 of this week. The renewal is successful. And today is the Lantern Festival, which is really double happiness. Here I sincerely thank Ms. Pan for her help. Thank you. If there is no 5 star limit that Google says. I must give 10 stars.

Chunhua Zou
3 years ago

(Original) 在疫情期间,我的签证延签和学生签证的办理都是通过潘小姐完成的。她特别的负责,事无巨细地帮我整理签证的材料,很用心地帮我准备签证的相关文件。我有任何不懂的地方,她都很详细地给我解释。在她这里办签证我很放心,事实证明也很顺利的办下来了。谢谢潘小姐在我艰难的时候帮助我,非常地感谢她。

(Translated by Google) During the epidemic, my visa extension and student visa processing were all done through Miss Pan. She is particularly responsible, helping me organize the visa documents in every detail, and help me prepare visa-related documents very carefully. Anything I don't understand, she explained to me in detail. I am very relieved to apply for a visa with her, and the facts have proved that it has been successfully applied. Thank you Miss Pan for helping me in my difficult times, and thank her very much.

Ervin Sopoti
3 years ago

I had a very hard case to sorted out with Emigracion, but thanks To Crystal she fixed all without hesitation, I was lucky I found her for my Solicitor and I appreciate everything she done for me best Solicitor in Glasgow. Highly recommended this Company it will worth goin to Crystal and sorting u Emigracion cases. I Recommend to all my friends 5 stars for Pan Immigration thank you very much .

Ke Yang
3 years ago

(Original) 我是一名学生,因为疫情导致逾期逗留,所以在此感谢潘律师帮我成功申请签证,服务真的特别贴心!人也很温柔!谢谢

(English Translation) I am a student who overstayed due to the coronavirus. I'd like to thank Mrs Pan for helping me to successfully get my visa! Mrs Pan is very customer-centric and also very kind! Thank you.

3 years ago

(Original) 这是一家非常不错的律师事务所:拥有良好的团队合作精神,律师潘小姐拥有专业的律师水平,服务态度非常棒!能及时地处理工作需要!成功地帮我短时间申请到小孩的10岁入籍,而且由于疫情的原因她很照顾她的客人,她可以直接约客人觉得方便的地方进行交谈办公!是一家非常值得信赖的律师楼!

(English Translation) This is a fantastic immigration firm with a great collaborative spirit. Mrs Pan is a professional immigration advisor and offers excellent customer service. She responds to clients quickly and effeciently. Mrs Pan succuessfully helped my 10-year-old child to gain their British citizenship in a short amount of time. Due to the coronavirus, Mrs Pan can accomodate and arrange to meet with clients where it is most convinent for them. This is a very trustworthy immigration firm!

Ubuntu X
3 years ago

My application is transforming my Tier4 student visa to indefinite leave to remain in UK. I found Pan Immigration Ltd on the official page of the government website. My advisor Crystal helps me a lot throughout my application. She is a professional, hardworking and considerate person. I will definitely recommend Pan Immigration to my friends. :)

3 years ago

I finally got my visa granted this month and I can’t imagine what would have happened and how long I should still have had to wait to get my visa without Crystal from Pan immigration. Crystal is literally a very professional lawyer and she helped me make all the best choices when applying my visa. My situation was kinda complex and I was so struggled at that time about how can I do next. Thanks to Crystal, she helped me make the best choice which would not only save my time but also my money. And the result was positive. I really appreciated what Crystal had helped me. I’ve already introduce her to my friends and if you need someone to help you, she will be your best choice!

José Laussu
3 years ago

There are minds that are so patient, full of integrity and helpfulness and that is Crystal’s mind. With her great attention to detail, she helped me step by step through my application for family settlement and the outcome was positive – I’m very happy with the service I received, no happier joy could I have, my life is a first-hand testimony because I now hold my BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) which in the long run will allow me to obtain my British nationality. In the plethora of choices out there, look not any further, I highly recommend Pan Immigration services.

EM Abb
3 years ago

I don't know what we would have done without Crystal and cannot emphasize enough how much she has helped us. She walked us through every step of the process and was patient and knowledgeable with our plethora of questions. She was always extremely professional and prompt, we always felt we had her complete attention. Additionally, I felt that she was in our corner, working hard to provide us with every detail and illuminate every corner so we could make the best possible choice for ourselves. If you are feeling baffled and lost by the immigration process, I truly can't recommend her highly enough.

qiang lin
4 years ago

(Original) 认识潘小姐已经有十几年了。从申报难民、获得5年难民身份、到永居、到加入英籍,直到最后拿到英国护照,都得到了格拉斯哥潘小姐的帮助。之所以每次有事都回来找潘小姐帮忙,是因为我们认可她认真负责的态度和敬业精神。每次有任何问题,潘小姐都及时、认真地给我们解释。有时候,不得已在周末或晚上很晚时间联系潘小姐,她并不介意。有时候,潘小姐说了一遍,甚至于两遍我还没听懂,她都会不厌其烦一遍又一遍地用最容易听懂的语言来解释给我听。

这么多年来,看到潘小姐从一名翻译到成为内政部移民专署认证的移民顾问,并成立了Pan Immigration,我们由衷地为她高兴。这下潘小姐可以大展宏图,为更多需要她帮助的人服务了。

(Translated by Google) I have known Miss Pan for more than ten years. From declaring refugees, obtaining refugee status for 5 years, to permanent residency, to joining British citizenship, and finally getting a British passport, she has been helped by Miss Glasgow Pan. The reason why I come back to Miss Pan every time to help is because we recognize her serious and responsible attitude and professionalism. Whenever there is any problem, Miss Pan explained to us in a timely and serious manner. Sometimes, she had to contact Miss Pan on the weekend or late at night, and she didn't mind. Sometimes, Miss Pan said it once, and even if I didn't understand it twice, she would take the trouble to explain it to me in the most understandable language over and over again.

Over the years, we have been very happy to see Miss Pan from being a translator to becoming an Immigration Consultant certified by the Immigration Department of the Ministry of the Interior and setting up Pan Immigration. Now Ms. Pan can show her big picture and serve more people who need her help.

A Neza
4 years ago

I found the Pan emmigration exact the Crystal she is very professional,friendly and helpful.The communication between us has been amazing,her immediate response to my questions or queries has Ben unbelievably good.I can’t thank Crystal enough for getting me through this and turning my life around

Qiaoming Lin
NaN years ago
NaN years ago


From a case that Crystal worked on as a caseworker in another solicitor firm:

I am writing this testimonial as a girl from Albania. I applied for EU pre-settlement. Previously, some friends from Albania recommended me another lawyer. Although I trusted and paid for the lawyer, I did not get the result I was looking for. I finally found Ms Crystal. With her positivity, kindness and the love that she has for helping others, we were successful in getting my EU pre-settlement. I am very happy. Therefore, I can recommend Pan Immigration to all. Thank you very much.

une qe po e shkruaj këtë koment jam një vajze nga shqiperia qe kam aplikuar per pre-sattelmen.Disa miq nga shqiperia me rekomanduan nje avokate edhe pse skisha besim me ne avokat sepse kisha nderruar dy para dhe skishte rezultat.Me ne fund gjeta zonjush Crystal e cila me ate pozitivitetin e saj me ate mirsine dhe dashurin qe kishte per ti ndihmuar njerzit me ate besimin qe te dhuronte une vazhdova qeshtjen dhe sot jam shum e lumtur.Prandaj do jau rekumandoja te gjithave pan emmigration shum falmeniderit.

Client wishes to remain anonymous, 25 February 2020

There was a tough problem in my British naturalization application. At this critical moment, I reached out for my saviour, Ms Pan. I’ve known her for eight years; I’ve always approved her dedication and work ethic. Afterall, it was under her guidance that my whole family was granted legal status quickly and smoothly. With this (British citizenship), I’ll have lots of room for my professional development, so I’ve been very nervous. Ms Pan treats (my application) even more seriously than me, often sending me voice memos in the middle of the night with additional ideas……regardless of what the result turns out to be, I’m extremely grateful for Ms Pan. She’s very responsible, and she gave me the assurance I needed when I was desperate, otherwise what torture I would have been through during this time. I highly respect anyone who is passionate about what they do. I believe that Ms Pan’s firm will only expand in the future, and I can very responsibly recommend this nice immigration advisor to everyone.

Ling, Chinese national, 02 March 2020

I wanted to bring my father to visit my sister’s family in the UK. I was worried that this application would fail because I come from Fujian and have a history of visa refusal before. Ms Pan from Pan Immigration helped me and my father to get the British visit visas we dreamed of, through her excellent legal knowledge, professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication. We were finally able to reunite with my sister’s family. The visa process was very complicated. I was worried and scared because I was refused before, but Ms Pan’s diligence and patience made me believe that I can get the visa eventually! In the future, I will always choose Ms Pan for any questions related to British visas. Meeting a good lawyer team is the most important factor for a successful visa!

Zhuju Lin, Chinese National, Family Visit Visa, 18 January 2020

From a case that Crystal worked on as a caseworker in another solicitor firm:

I have known Mrs Pan for over ten years. From applying for asylum, obtaining 5-year refugee status to permanent residence, naturalisation to be a British national, to finally obtaining a British passport, Ms Pan has helped us all along. The reason why we always come back to Ms Pan is that we appreciate her committed and responsible attitude, and her professionalism. Every time when we ask questions, Ms Pan responds quickly and gives us detailed answers. Sometimes, we had to contact Ms Pan on weekends or late in the evening, and she doesn’t mind. When we couldn’t understand something, Ms Pan will go through the trouble to explain it to me again and again in the simplest language.

Over the years, we have been very pleased to see Ms Pan’s transition from an interpreter to becoming an immigration advisor certified by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner and setting up Pan Immigration. Now Ms Pan can realise her ambitions to serve more people who need her help.

Mr. Lin, British national (originally Chinese national), 2 March 2020

There are minds that are so patient, full of integrity and helpfulness and that is Crystal’s mind. With her great attention to detail, she helped me step by step through my application for family settlement and the outcome was positive – I’m very happy with the service I received, no happier joy could I have, my life is a first-hand testimony because I now hold my BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) which in the long run will allow me to obtain my British nationality. In the plethora of choices out there, look not any further, I highly recommend Pan Immigration services.

José, Angolan, Spouse Visa Application, 13 March 2020

Spouse visa successful extension

A big thank you to Ms. Pan! Her professionalism and ethusiasm has helped me to obtain my spouse visa and BRP card.

Ms Li, Chinese national, spouse visa extension, 01 July 2020

Elinor and Bob


(Translation) Dear Crystal Pan:

On behalf of the leaders of Hongteng International Co., Ltd. and colleagues in various departments, I write this letter with infinite gratitude to express our sincere thanks and respect; thank you for your guidance and assistance to our company which allowed us to successfully apply for the highest level A Skilled Worker Sponsorship Licence. Due to historical reasons, our company independently applied for Tier 2 Sponsorship qualification twice and was rejected. The third application is of great strategic significance to our company. Taking this case will be difficult and challenging for any immigration law firm. You confidently undertook the arduous task of our company’s third application for the Skilled Worker Sponsorship license to the Home Office. As the Applicant Authorisation Officer and our HR team, under your careful guidance, I went through the entire application process and we know firsthand that there are reasons for your self-confidence:

Firstly, excellent professional knowledge. Under your guidance, we have continuously improved our internal HR system, especially the Migrant Worker recruitment and post-production management and control have made considerable progress. You can say that Mrs Pan is an authentic encyclopedia in terms of the policies of the British Immigration Services. You are up to date with the latest regulatory changes and teach us about the updates to work visa immigration policies and regulations.

Secondly, excellent professionalism. You have done a lot of homework on our current situation and needs, and you can give us targeted guidance. We can’t meet face-to-face because of the epidemic and geographical distance, but you can always take the lead in organizing our regular meetings and controlling the progress of the meeting. You personally make the minutes of the meeting, assign work and tasks to the attendees, and push our project forward efficiently.

Finally, considerate service consciousness. Throughout the preparation process, both you and our team have experienced the personnel changes of the HR team together. After the previous colleagues who participated in the project left, you offered to provide a systematic training to the new project leader and myself; and wrote a training course a few days in advance for our preview. Not only that, but also added several Mock Tests to simulate the questions of the Home Office investigators to test for our relevant personnel. This effectively allowed us to make adequate preparations, and it was also the key to our company’s successful response to the investigation by the Home Office and to obtain the Skilled Worker Sponsorship.

Due to work, we were unable to come to Scotland to thank you in person, so we had to borrow the above words to express our sincere thanks and gratitude. As the saying goes, it’s easy to win, but it’s hard to keep the win! We sincerely invite Mrs Pan to serve as our company’s permanent immigration legal counsel to assist our company’s future work visa application, as well as the daily management and maintenance of the sponsor license. We are also happy to recommend Pan Immigration’s professional immigration services to any company that needs to sponsor Skilled Workers.

Sincerely yours,

Junzhe Lu

General Manager Hongteng International Co., Ltd.

August 5, 2021

Junzhe Lu, Hongteng International Co., Ltd., Skilled Worker Sponsorship Licence, 05 August 2021